For many years, R-techniQ has been developing and manufacturing spare parts and consumables for shredders, crushers, chippers, secondary shredders, granulators, mills, and shredders.

Our products and parts are sold under the Rtools24 brand. Rtools24 products are durable and reliable components and solutions for companies that carefully calculate the costs of machine downtime and changeovers.

Rtools24 is a mark of quality. All components are made from top-quality steel dedicated to working in crushers and machines and undergo special heat treatment processes to ensure durability and resistance to wear and breakage.

We have extensive knowledge about machine manufacturers and are familiar with most of the market-leading models.

R-techniQ’s production facility is located in Tarnów.

We engage in the broad production of metal components, manufactured on CNC machines; we have lathes and milling machines.

We also specialize in machine design and construction. We manufacture dual-shaft crushers.

We advocate for an individualized approach to customers and design solutions tailored to each client.